X-Pine Canyon - August 21, 2009

This huge alligator juniper was half destroyed during an ancient fire
but it is still thriving.


What is Kevin pointing at?




We found this pool tube, two pair of running shoes and two pair
of hiking shorts at the start of this canyon.  We did not find any bodies?















The canyon is named after these two trees.






Who goes there?



Just a tad bit of an awkward rappel.




This is were we joined West Clear Creek.





The green moss is the most slippery substance on earth!  Makes for very difficult hiking.



Self-draining backpack after a long swim.



Notice the small oak tree growing out of the crack.







The hike out.  West Clear Creek flows from right to left on
this side of the knife-edge rocky ridge.  It then turns 180 degrees
and flows back to the right on the other side of the ridge.  In some
places the ridge is just a few feet wide.


Storm clouds moving in as we exit the canyon.


Another huge alligator juniper.


Close-up of alligator juniper bark.